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How blockchain can revolutionize healthcare

For non-IT individuals, new trends can seem very confusing. Blockchain, for instance, is a complex concept, but it has the potential to revolutionize every industry, including healthcare. That’s why you should take time to understand what it is and what … Read More

◐ Brainwave Entrainment

      Entrainment is to pull or draw along after itself. When you strike a tuning fork, it will vibrate at a certain frequency. And then when you hold a second tuning fork close to the first one, it … Read More

Chemists Develop Seal-Healing Material for Smartphone Screens

  There’s a huge market for smartphone cases as we all strive to protect our expensive handsets. It would be much nicer to just slide them into a pocket unprotected, but the thought of scratches on the screen ultimately push many of … Read More

Technology integration benefits patients

Since the dawn of modern medicine, technological advances have been giving doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators better and better tools for treating the unwell.   This includes everything from the stethoscope to vaccinations to x-rays to present day integrated healthcare … Read More

Mind Technology 2017: Kids can Soon Use Mind Power to play their Favorite Toy

 Source: University Herald Children can soon play toys with the power of their minds using brain waves according to the researchers from Warwick University.   According to researchers from Warwick University, children can soon play toys with the power of their … Read More